About Zeus Radio

The Zeus Radio Network (ZRN) is owned and managed by Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC operating from North Myrtle Beach, SC. (Since 2013)

Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC

Zeus Digital Marketing (ZDM) is a Digital Communications company operating from North Myrtle Beach, SC. We are not a convert from traditional media. We began our marketing quest totally focused on learning how to communicate our own and then our client’s messages via the internet. While growing our own brands through building relevant content, we’ve developed proven methods for being found and reaching specific target markets. Zeus Digital Marketing offers web development and hosting, branding, social media and search marketing, and a variety of internet talk radio and video production and hosting services to a diverse client base.

Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC owns and/or manages dozens of websites, the Zeus Radio Network, Zeus TV, and manages the brands of RacersReunion.com, BeachMusicSCENE.com, and SpeedwayReport.com

Using  Zeus Digital Marketing offers your brand the tools to reach specific and multiple niche targets in an engaging and interactive social media setting. Enthusiastic and passionate participants in social markets tend to be loyal to the brands that support their favorite cause.