If you’ve been asking the question, “does fine dining exists in Myrtle Beach,” you’re in luck. It does! And there’s a new website dedicated to keeping you informed and up to date on the latest news. It is call FineDiningMyrtleBeach.com.  If you’re a connoisseur of exquisite food, service,  and the best wines and visiting the Grand Strand, you may see lots of restaurants making the fine dining claim, when in fact they are more of the casual nature. For this reason folks are rightfully confused about the subject.

A constant issue with fine dining establishments in this tourist destination surrounds proper attire for fine dining. Folks come to the beach to relax and enjoy being casual. Invariably casually dressed and scantily clad  tourists end up in a fine dining establishment along side those who showed up dressed for the part. It’s kinda like oil and water. They do not mix well. Those who don’t mind paying the normal “premium” prices for a true fine dining experience expect to dine amongst like-minded individuals. So what’s the answer?

Almost all fine dining establishments require, or at least prefer reservations. When making a reservation at such an establishment, asking about the dress code should be on your checklist…just below checking the prices! Some restaurants that normally require reservations relax a bit in the off-seasons and allow walk-ins. Confronting a potential patron about being “under-dressed” for the occasion is extremely uncomfortable. The unreserved arrivals will be upset at being told they will need to leave and return when properly attired, and if allowed in…the regular patrons who dressed for the occasion and expect to be surrounded by other properly attired individuals will be upset. It’s a no-win situation the owner. He / she is going to lose a new potential customer or an old customer.

It is for this reason and many others that FineDiningMyrtleBeach.com has been launched. The site is on a mission to educate the newbies,  keep the purists happy, and keep the owners in business. The sanctity of fine dining needs to be preserved. There is no reason such an establishment can’t survive within today’s increasingly casual lifestyle, even in a tourist town like Myrtle Beach. Do yourself a favor, plan a night out at the fine dining establishment of your choice. Make a reservation, get dressed up, allow plenty yourself plenty of time, and enjoy the privilege of fine dining in Myrtle Beach. Check out the recent article about The Library Restaurant, one of Myrtle Beach’s oldest restaurants, and a primer on the subject called, ” What Is Fine Dining?“. Even Golfers like fine dining!