Sponsor of TheGolfDirector.com, Golfalyzer comes to the Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Championship 19th hole. Shan Coughline, host of Amateur Golf Talk Live (on TheGolfDirecdtor.com) interviewed co-founders Brent Pauley and Chuck Stump about their upcoming appearance at the worlds largest 19th hole. Their goal is to demonstrate the benefits of the Golflayzer in knowing your tipping point.

Studies show that 85% of golfers admit to drinking before, during or after their round. Anyone who has enjoyed an adult beverage on the course knows the impact on their game of going over the limit.

Golfalyzer is a breathalyzer used by (drinking) golfers to find the zone in which they can still enjoy their round without becoming overly intoxicated. One of the most important benefits coming from use of the Golfalyzer is the knowledge of the BAC (blood alcohol content) number associated with the buzz level. Obvious hopes are that golfers awareness of compromised sobriety will keep them safe on the way home.

Here is a link to the a press release about Golflayzer’s visit to the World AM

Here is a link to the Amateur Golf Talk Live interview with Golfalyzer co-founders.