golfalyzer breathalyzer imageThe makers of Golfalyzer are using their new golf gift to keep social athletes safe after the game. Golfalyzer is a compact breathalyzer that was designed to measure the “zone” where golfers are still relaxed and playing well after enjoying an adult beverage. Their research has proven that when one reaches their “tipping point” play is diminished and and any perceived benefit from the relaxation of an adult beverage becomes a hindrance.

Perhaps the biggest impact Golfalyzer can have is making users aware of their BAC (blood alcohol content) when they experience that “buzzed” feeling. Most have not had the privilege to learn their number unless they were in the presence of a law enforcement officer. At that time, it’s too late. Being buzzed while driving can at the very least result in a stay in jail and loss of privileges and at the worst can be tragic.

Co-founders, Chuck Stump and Brent Pauley are very excited about all the buzz around knowing one’s buzzed number. The idea came about while enjoying a round of golf and some adult beverages. Chuck says he caught on fire and hit some great shots and commented he wished he knew his BAC because it was perfect. Brent replied, “You need a breathalyzer”, the two knew they were onto a great idea.

From the excitement around Golfalyzer several new phrases have been coined. “Know your swing number” and “know your tipping point” are becoming used on a regular basis. Perhaps the best is “know it before you blow it.” Awareness of one’s BAC is making this golf aid a very useful tool.

Golfalyzer has been well-received by golf courses, charities of all types, and retailers. The low retail price-point of $24.95 makes this a very affordable golf gift.

Contact the folks at Golfalyzer at their website at for more information.