Earlier in 2013 TheGolfDirector.com rolled out it’s golf community (social network), then launched Myrtle Beach golf radio to promote Myrtle Beach golf courses. All the programming for the new channel is produced and broadcast right here on the Zeus Radio Network.

We’re very excited to be part of this unique approach to golf marketing, incorporating the Zeus Social Radio concept for golf. The creators or Zeus Social Radio Networks have experienced success applying the concept to other groups of enthusiastic fans. The RacersReunion.com network was launched in 2008 and has been broadcasting racing talk radio ever since. A couple of years ago the Zeus team launched Shag City USA to entertain the Carolina Beach Music and Shag Dance enthusiasts.

TheGolfDirector.com receives the benefits evolving from the (good and bad) experiences related to other Social Radio Network development. While RacersReunion.com is rich in racing history website content consisting of hundreds of thousands of  photos, blogs, forum posts, videos, and stories along with a variety of racing talk radio shows, the strength of that network is in the rich site content. ShagCityUSA.com has an active community (social network), but the strength of this network lies in the size of the listening audience. TheGolfDirector.com is shaping up to be a balanced combination of both…rich website content and great radio programming.

The listening audience for TheGolfDirector.com currently resides in 128 countries and consists of tens of thousands of unique listeners producing hundreds of thousands of listening sessions. This audience  found the radio stream organically… almost immediately after launch.. The company has yet to create the first press release or to buy the first piece of advertising for the network.

Early focus on creating programming and content for the network has proven to be the right direction for the young organization. We at Zeus Digital Marketing excitedly await the outcome of an upcoming marketing campaign to “officially” launch the new network to new heights. This new network has all the elements for success.