The Platinum Card and Myrtle beach discount golf is back in the news on Zeus Radio. The production and hosting of’s (TGD) radio programming is handled by Zeus Radio and TGD is supported (in part) by The Platinum Card from East Coast Golf Management. We’re providing that bit of information to explain our angle for this article. Being avid golfers and living in the Golf Capital of the World, we look for the best deals for playing the courses we like to play. And, by the way….we like most every course we’ve ever played. After all, playing on green grass year round is not all bad. This is paradise, you know. I heard we even have a beach here. As is the case with most golfers, playing the amount of golf required to keep one’s game sharp can be quite costly. Having been exposed to The Platinum Card, we decided to put it to the test. We may do a full-blown comparison of all the discount cards for Myrtle Beach at a later time, but were so impressed by this one, we decided to write about it.

Right off the bat…or club face, a better reference for a golf card, The Platinum Card is a membership based card that costs only $50 to purchase and gives the holder 2 free rounds and a dozen golf balls. It easily pays for itself immediately.  But, that’s not all! With this card every 5th round is free for the term of the membership. There’s no better golf than free golf! But wait…there’s more. Sounds like an infomercial, huh? Your guests can play for only $5 dollars more than the membership rate and some courses charge the same rate for members and guests. The realization of just how good the card is comes when you use it the first time. Depending upon the course, member rounds are going to cost either $30 or $40. This week we played Crow Creek which has a regular rate of $85. We played it for $40 each.  The best news…that rate applies year round. Those familiar with our golf market here along the grand strand know the rates rise and fall with the season.

We thought our readers would benefit from this bit of information, so we’re happy to share. I’m sure we’ll be playing much more golf as the result of owning our card.  There are also other benefits involving area restaurants and events we intend to check out later. This is truly one of (if not) the best Myrtle beach discount golf cards. You can get all the information at You can read more about the Platinum Card and its participating courses HERE