As the broadcasting platform for’s TGD Radio golf talk radio programming, we’re happy to report the one year anniversary just passed and the goal to bring news from American golf and around the world is being accomplished. Reaching 160 countries, all 50 United States, and over 20,000 cities, TGD Radio certainly surpassed all expectations. Early estimates of reach and interactions turned out to be extremely conservative.

“We weren’t purposely being conservative in our initial estimates,” says Jeff Gilder, producer for TGD Radio. “We knew there would be interest in our content, we just weren’t sure how quickly we could get folks to engage our platform. The first projections (that we felt would equal success) were under 200,000 interactions for the first year.  We surpassed those projections in May and almost doubled in June. When we passed 1,000,000  interaction as we reached our one year anniversary, the TGD Radio staff realized the breadth of our potential. We were pleasantly surprised at the number of people who found us outside our website on the various apps now being used for smart phones and tablets.”

Targeting amateur golfers with content related to golf news, equipment, playing tips, golf history and more, TGD Radio has grown from their initial schedule of 1 show per week addressing news from Myrtle Beach golf,  to now producing 8 to 10 new shows each week.

“Monday Morning GolfRap” hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh RoyerIII. GolfRap gives listeners a recap of the weekend’s golf from around the world.

“Amateur Golf Talk LIVE!” hosted by Shan Coughlin. AGTL (as we call it) offers amateur golfers news and insight on a variety of topics such as tournament schedules, charity events, the TGD monthly prize package, and more.

“Golf Connections with Mitch Laurance” hosted by…you guessed it…Mitch Laurance! Mitch connects the history, traditions, champions, and people of the game then and now. His guest list is a who’s who in the golf industry.

“The Round Table” hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh RoyerIII. Anything goes at the Round Table. These guys will tackle any (usually) golf-related topic with guests. “Pro Golf Talk” hosted by George Honeycutt and Hugh RoyerIII. Pro Golf Talk gives the audience a look into the coming weekend of golf. Venue, pairing, and the latest buzz in the industry usually make for great discussion.

“Tech Talk” hosted by various members of the TGD Radio staff. Tech Talk gives amateur golfers the latest info about new products coming down the pike. We often include remote and in-studio interviews with industry representatives.

“Tee It Up Grand Strand” hosted by various members of the TGD Radio staff. The original show is still one of our most popular. The program bring PGA Pros and other course representatives into the studio to discuss the latest news regarding their course, golf specials, and updates to maintenance schedules.

“The Rules of Golf” hosted by Frank Monk isn’t broadcast on a regular basis, but has been very popular. (No Drop) Frank tells it exactly like it is…right from the many pages of the Rules of Golf.

“Golf Rednecks” hosted by…Golf Rednecks hasn’t been a regular program, but always brings some laughs from the participants.

There are lots of new features coming from this year, including some brand new programming for TGD TV. So, if you’re looking for new from American golf and all other pints globally, check out the live airing and TGD Radio podcast library by following this link The see more articles about this subject CLICK HERE.