For the 2014 Masters Golf tournament, Zeus Radio produced five live remotes for The first was live from Augusta, Georgia as TGD Radio’s Golf Connections with Mitch Laurance interviewed legendary Augusta National photographer, Frank Christian. Then from the back patio of the Wild Wing Cafe at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, SC, TGD Radio in conjunction with Wild Wing Cafe and produced four live remotes.

The broadcasts represent the fist live remotes for TGD Radio. The TGD network produces several hours of unique golf talk radio programming each week from their studios in North Myrtle beach, SC. Beginning with Myrtle Beach Golf specific programming just over one year ago, the network has gradually expanded to include more general golf talk content. Utilizing social media and internet marketing strategies the TGD Radio audience is developing at a much more rapid rate than anticipated. The global interaction with TGD Radio began immediately upon launch and has spread to over 160 countries. To hear any or all the archived live broadcasts of the Wild Wing Cafe Coverage of the 2014 Masters CLICK HERE.

ZRN offers a variety of online podcasting and live streaming services for those interested in talk radio. We recommend beginning with a podcast to develop and gauge audience potential. The key elements for success are always going to be entertaining content and visibility on the search engines. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle listeners search for topics of their interest, listen, and move on.

A common mistake made by beginners has to do with the length of their podcast or live streaming episode. For online purposes, shorter is always better. We recommend 10 to 20 minutes of content for each episode. If you have an abundance of content break it down into short segments. Rarely do listeners stay engaged for long episodes.

When planning a podcast or live streaming program, please consider the importance of a properly optimized website for hosting and just as important, a domain relative to the message. Although it is not for everyone, you can host your episode on one of the many popular podcast hosting sites, but you may not get the visibility possible through your own website. Being found by the search engines requires a considerable amount of text associated with each episode, along with the ability to optimize the text and how it is displayed. With a website dedicated to your message and/or series, you have complete control of the search marketing opportunities.

If you’ve considered developing a podcast series or live streaming talk radio show and need assistance, please fell free to contact us HERE.